Massage helps to relax muscles of the whole body effectively, relieves and affects your internal status positively, removes distress and tension.

Reduces mimic wrinkles caused by stress, improves blood circulation and stimulates the facial skin.
During the massage, soft movements remove stress, tension, helps to relax. Oxygen and nutrients supply to the brain increases, therefore memory and sleep are improved as well.
Massage stimulates blood circulation in the deep skin tissues and muscle fibers so the activity of internal organs and their tissues improves as well.
Massage help body muscles to relax, relieves and affects positively the status of a person, reduces irritability and tension, removes a backache and headache.

Classic massage improves metabolism, increases the power of muscles and flexibility of joints, relieves nervous system and affect positively all vital functions.

Massage helps to relax muscles of the whole body effectively, relieves and affects your internal status positively, removes distress and tension.

Massage activates all vital processes in the human organism that become slower, increase muscle tone, gives flexibility to joints, helps to relax stiff muscle. During the procedure you will regain physical and mental peace.

Body scrub using Bora Bora sand scrub eliminates dead skin cells, deeply moisturizes and nourishes. The skin becomes soft, velvet and radiant. Subtle vanilla and almond lotion provides fast and long lasting moisturizing and nourishing effect. Ingredients: RubiMarin red corals – deeply moisturize and remineralize. Tahitian gardenia softens, improves skin condition, shea butter – deeply nourishes the skin.

Massage effectively removes muscle distress and tension in shank and hips, helps to leak blood and fluids, prevents from leg swelling.
Massage improves blood and lymph circulation, metabolism, and is perfect for people whose feet are cold or often swollen. Foot massage helps the whole body to recover and relax.
Faster healing and reduction of pain and strengthening of the immune system.
Helps skin pores to exclude toxins and skin becomes firm and elastic again. Cooling of the body after the saunarium organism immune system becomes stronger, it helps to keep in a good mood, be active and capable of working.

Massage helps to feel better, neutralizes the consequences of daily tension and stress, removes distress, the body becomes  light and revitalized. Massage help to improve the leak of lymph and function of self-cleansing of the skin. After honey massage skin becomes soft, elastic, without its hypodermic calluses, the general organism status is improved.

During the procedure, pulsing-style massage improves circulation of blood and lymph, elimination of fluids, varnishes and toxins from the body, reduces swelling in limbs, improves muscle tone and tightens the skin. Compression therapy is a great preventive measure against leg weakness, pain, and swelling. This massage is recommended for treatment of lymphostasis caused by lymphatic incompetence or venous insufficiency.

Honey massage opens pores of the whole body, removes hard corn layer of the skin and cleans toxins and stimulates the depletion of toxins from the organism. Your skin becomes clear, saturated with oxygen as well as vitamins and trace elements from honey.  After this massage skin becomes soft, firm, the status of the whole organism becomes better.

Body wrapping using seaweed stimulates metabolism and fat metabolism, removes toxins, ensures firming and softness of your skin. Oil is slightly applied on your body.

Face Scrub, mask with spirulina, light massage, cream. Gentle exfoliation with oxygen removes dead skin cells, cleans pores, does not damage skin’s protective barrier, the skin is not dried out. Spirulina algae is known for its cleaning characteristics, regenerates the skin and improves its nutrition. Spirulina works as antioxidant , stimulates and tones skin’s physiological processes. The mask rewards with vitality and restores the skin’s condition.

Body peeling using SPA Marine peeling, body mask with vitamin C, massage. Peeling granules give skin moisture, nourish it, soften and give incredible smoothness. It is the mask of light gel texture that binds free radicals, stimulates, increase skin elasticity and tone, delays the process of aging.
Body scrub using ROSE JASMINE SCRUB peeling. Cherry, plum and apricot powder scrubs, eliminates dead skin cells and impurities. Restores skin radiance. Jasmines soften. Body is wrapped with 24 carat mask, ultra gentle melting gel, enriched with gold pearls, detoxify, deeply moisturizeS and restores skin’s elasticity and resilience. Moisturizing golden body milk, massaged into the skin, prevents it from ageing. The skin remains soft with subtle aroma and gold gloss.

Peeling with light massage movements. Dead cells are removed during the procedure, skin is nourished and moistured.

*It is possible to order the additional body oil procedure which lasts for 15 min. And costs 8.00 €

A scrubbing body lotion with sea salt that enriches your skin with oxygen, renews it, and makes it as soft as velvet. This cooling and toning gel for your legs gives your legs a sense of comfort and makes them feel light and cool.

Face peeling, fruit mask, soft massage, cream. Procedure strengthens the protective skin layer, moistures, firms, gives a pleasant feeling of freshness and comfort.
Facial scrub, hydro-system mask, massage cream. The skin becomes fresh, smooth, soft and deep moistened.